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What is kik?

Kik messenger is a rapidly growing new messaging app that takes the best features of numerous others and combines them into one. It’s free, cross-platform, and easy to use. Kik lets you connect with your friends, coworkers, family members, and even make new friends from around the world. You don’t need a phone number to sign up with your device – just a kik username and internet access! You can chat one-on-one or in groups, share music, videos, photos, and websites, and even play games. Also you can have unlimited kik friends added to your friends list.

You can use kik on any iOS or Android devices, even on tablets with no telephone capabilities. It’s free for everyone, and it can be used with a wi-fi connection only, meaning you don’t need to have cell reception to contact kik online people. Kik is one of the apps leading the way for people to go without a plan on their cell phones, saving them tons of money.


How to get started

To get started with kik online, you’ll first need to download the free app from whatever app store your device has. Kik can be downloaded from iTunes if you’re using an iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad), from Google Play if you’re using Android devices (including tablets), or from the Windows Phone Marketplace if you have a Windows phone or a Microsoft Surface.

Once the app has been installed on your device, Kik will then ask you to create a new kik online account or get you to sign-in if you have one already. To start a new account, you will have to provide some fairly standard information about yourself, pick one of your favorite kik usernames, then give an email address and come up with a password. There will be optional spaces for additional information. You will also be able to add a picture to go along with your contact information.

After that, you’re all set! Your account will be set up straight away and you can get to using kik messenger. It’s a great messaging option that has been steadily rising in popularity over the last few years, especially with a younger kik boys and kik girls audience.

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Chatting on kik online

As a messenger service, kik is primarily used for chatting. You can search your phone’s contacts for users, or you can add people by kik usernames, if you know it. Or you can look up kik friends on Usernamesfinder! In any case, once you’ve added a new kik online contact you can start a chat right away. You can also find people to chat with using interest groups, such as “cars,” or “computers,” or “fashion.” Personalize your chat windows, send memes, and make new kik friends! Nearly 40% of U.S. teens use kik to chat, and there are almost 300 million users around the world. It’s an enormous social network with all kinds of interesting kik friends waiting to meet! Chatting on kik has the look and feel of texting, so it’ll be familiar for anyone who already has a phone and easy to learn for anyone who doesn’t. You can also chat with bots on kik, giving you access to a wide variety of games, information, services, and companies. This is one of the many things that sets kik apart and makes it so much better than other messenger services out there.


How to meet people on kik

So you’re ready to start meeting new kik friends, right? As mentioned already, there are several ways to add contacts. If you like chatting about football, or a particular subject at school, you can search these things and find groups dedicated to them. You can also find people through your contacts list. The Usernamesfinder website allows you to search for kik usernames based on age and gender, if you’re just looking for kik boys or kik girls your age to talk to. You can use other popular social media like Facebook and Twitter to send kik invitations, too. This allows kik boys and kik girls to chat with Facebook friends and Twitter followers whose phone numbers you don’t have! You can do the same thing with your e-mail contacts list, as well. Plus, when someone you know adds themselves to kik you will get a notification! If you’re with someone in real life, you can scan their kik online code from the app with your phone, and it will automatically add them to your contacts. With the Discover Bots section of kik usernames, you can also find bots that will help you meet people. Scroll through the list of bots until you’ve found one related to your interests or your language, and then ask it to help you out. Lastly, you can message the Kik team itself by searching for a contact named “Kik Team.” This is a support bot for you to ask for help or tips related to the app.


Why you should use kik?

Everyone’s using it! It’s super popular among teens, and there are even celebrities who use it. You can search for celebrities by name after you tap the blue plus button at the bottom right of the app and hit “Find People.” You can also join and chat in public kik usernames groups that are based on your favorite stars. This app is a great way to meet new kik friends. In the modern world, you don’t have to meet them just at school anymore – there are kik boys, kik girls around the world with the same interests as you, and they’re using kik online too! Give it a try and check out some promoted chats. That will be a good way to get started chatting with all the new kik friends you’re going to meet! In a little more than two years after its initial 2010 release, the kik online messenger app grew rapidly into one of the most popular chat platforms available, with over 4 million users in 2012. Today it has over 300 million, which indicates that its meteoric rise in popularity is showing no signs of letting up. That alone should give you all the motivation you need to try it out!


Features of the kik online app

Kik has live typing! If the person who you are chatting with is typing, the app shows a visual cue indicating this. This is helpful since that way you will know when to expect a message, or if someone is responding right away or not. The app also shows read indications, showing whether or not the kik friends you’re chatting with has seen your latest message, and vice versa for them. It has notifications. When you send or receive a message, your device will be notified if it has been sent and/or delivered, the same as if it was a regular text message. There is customizability available for this as well, giving you the ability to change the sounds and alerts you receive, specific even to the user you’re chatting with. Kik goes beyond just simple SMS texting. You can send multimedia messages, GIFs, memes, sketches, videos, music, and much more for your kik friends. You can also use the app to take photos and send them, and make edits to the photo if you want to. It has kik usernames chat lists and chat customization, and even has video chat functionality like Skype or FaceTime.


Understanding kik online bots

Kik has recently added a feature called promoted chats, which uses bots to converse with users about brands and other interests. The feature allows companies to communicate with a large range of kik online people and allows users access to more products and better companies than they might have otherwise found on their own by searching for random kik usernames. There is also a bot store, where you can order food or even products to your door through an automated chat. The bot shop has something called a web bubble (sometimes called a “wobble”) feature which allows media to be shared by bots in conversation threads, as well as giving suggested responses in group threads. Finally, there are also concierge bots that you can use to get tips or ask for help related to the app.


How to start a conversation on kik online chat

Sending your first message with kik is simple and easy! First, touch a kik friends name to open up a chat. Then tap the “type a message” box and type your message. Once you’ve finished writing, just hit “send” and you’re done! The message will be sent to your kik online friend. Sometimes the “send” button will simply be a blue speech bubble, depending on the device. If you’re talking to someone new, don’t be shy! Go ahead and say hello, ask them how they’re doing – remember, they’re on kik to meet new friends, too. If you found them through usernamesfinder, let them know, because that means you’re both on the website and it will be a good way to break the ice. Feel free to add an emoticon to your message for some flair.


How to share images and videos with other kik friends

To share media, you’ll have to give kik to access your images and videos. Kik won’t do anything with this access, it just needs to save media to your device’s images and video storage areas. To send a video or image: 1. Tap the image icon or the video icon, which should be above the message box 2. Add an image or video, or take your own photo or record your own video you will be sharing with your kik usernames list 3. You may add a message to this media if you like 4. Touch send (or the speech bubble icon) and the media will be sent You can also send other content besides photos or videos. You do this by tapping the icon above and to the right of the chat box. From there you should be able to send links (i.e., to music or YouTube), stickers, memes, sketches, and websites.


Group chatting on kik

With kik boys and kik girls group chat functionality, you can get up to 50 kik online people in the same chat. Then you can all share media, send chat messages, videos, pictures, or memes between each other. The kik usernames group chat is a pivotal part of teenage culture these days, so don’t miss out! It’s fun and lets you talk to more kik friends at once – you can even form groups with people from all over the world.


Finding kik usernames

With the Usernamesfinder website, you can find kik usernames for kik online users all over the world based on their demographics, such as age and gender. This way you can select who you want to talk to, and make new kik friends! Adding yours means they’ll be able to find you, too, and other kik girls and kik boys be able to get your username and add you as a contact. The more people who add usernames to usernamesfinder, the more people the website’s users will be able to meet. We’re hoping to build a great way for people to meet new friends all over the planet through the kik messenger app!


Kik usernames and other social networks

It’s becoming more and more popular for people to add their kik usernames to various social media descriptions, handles, or bios. Snapchat, Instagram, and many other social medias all have their users adding their kik usernames, so that followers and friends can chat with the people they’re following! It’s a great way to connect people, as well as to reach out if you need to contact a particular person from one of your social media accounts in a fast and secure way.



Similar to other social networks, social media, and messenger apps, users of kik must have completed at the very least 13 years of age to register for an account. If your child or another child you know who is under 13 has registered a kik account, you are definitely encouraged to either contact the parents or, if you are the child’s parent, to submit a request by communicating with the kik support team to have the account deactivated. Simply send them an email or a direct message with the subject line “parental inquiry” or something similar, and request the deactivation including the username and your child’s age in the message.


The kik online browser

Kik messenger also itself has apps, through its own built-in browser. These internal apps are meant to give users convenient access to app functionality without having to leave kik friends. These internal apps include meme generators, stickers apps, games, and even dating apps that allow users to get in touch with new kik online people. These kik usernames dating apps work similar to other dating apps, where they match kik users with people of a similar age or of the desired gender and allow people to match and then chat if they both wish to. Some internal apps in the browser even allow for purchases to be made, such as for food or clothing.


Kik online team

The Kik team has stated that they believe the era of the smartphones and smart gadgets is as big of a revolution as the Internet itself. This is because your smartphone is kind of like an extension of you: it’s , always connected, always on, and always accompanies you. A smartphone with kik not only makes your smartphone an extension of you, it then connects you to everyone else who has a smartphone or device with kik, whenever and wherever. The team feels that chat comprises the very crux of this generation, and that’s why they developed the kik messenger app. Youth all over the world use the app to chat and make new kik friends, which makes kik somewhat unique in the app world. Bots on app let the brands and companies engage their fans and consumers in a totally new way. It’s a revolution in chat!



The company kik Interactive was started in the year 2009. It was founded by a group of students from the University of Waterloo in Canada. They wanted to develop a new way to chat between smartphones and other technologies. Kik messenger was the first app developed by that company, and its official release was in October of 2010. Within 15 days of its release, kik messenger and kik usernames generated over one million user registrations! That’s almost unheard of even in the technology world. In August of 2015, kik received a sizable investment from a Chinese internet company which happened to be the parent company of the popular Chinese messenger WeChat. This investment gave kik Interactive a 1 billion dollar valuation. The company’s CEO, Ted Livingston, has stated that Kik would like to become "the WeChat of the West," and he also said that appealing to a younger audience was a crucial piece of the company's strategy. In today’s word, kik has quickly become one of the best ways to stay connected with friends and to make new kik friends. It allows you to initiate a kik online video chat with your contacts, one a one to one basis or even in a group with up to 9 consecutive users connected. Unlike other messaging and IM apps, and forms of social media, kik makes use of usernames instead of phone numbers as the root access point of all its kik usernames accounts. This allows kik boys & kik girls to remain in constant control of who they talk to and how they’re connected to others. Boasting of a user base of 300 million members and a growing team, their plans to grow into the best, most popular chat messenger are well in hand!


All in all, Kik combines the best features that most messaging apps have to offer and puts it all at your disposal. Imagine you can chat with anyone that is using the app and you can exchange GIFs, videos or memes while getting the feeling of texting. You can even chat with bots, which helps you to get hold of a lot of info regarding any topic. If you are passionate about a certain thing and you want to find people that share your interest you can aces interest groups that you can find on Kik, by simply using a key word that best describes your interest.

Nevertheless, is quite rare for an app to reach so many people and to focus on solving so many needs. Another interesting feature that Kik uses is the Usernamefinder website. You can use this feature to search for boys or girls based on their age, which makes this the perfect way to search for a date if that is what you are looking for. There are really endless possibilities when it comes to this app. The fact that you don’t need a phone number to add people to the app in great because you can simply send invitations to your friends, or you can scan your friends kick code and they will automatically be added to your contacts. This offers so many possibilities when it comes to reaching people and socializing.

This app has truly taken everyone by surprise and a lot of people have started using it solely for the fact that it offers such a great variety of features. By using Kik you don’t need to install a lot of apps to benefit from high quality video or live typing. You also have aces to all your friends that use Facebook Twitter or even people from your email list. You can add them all to Kik and by doing so having them within reach.

Also, the chat that Kik uses is not limited to just sending texts. You can send a variety of things such as sketches or music. This makes the app even more valuable as it makes it really universal. You can use it for fun or for more serious matters such as exchanging projects or important documents. Kik has the ability to use intelligent features which makes your online experience truly great. Usually, users that try Kik for the first time are really excited by what it has to offer and by the variety of features that you can choose from.

With so many apps that are present out there, is hard to pick the right one. Is important to keep in mind that no app is perfect, but some are better than others. Kik really stands out due to the superior amount of features that it offers, along with the large amount of people that it brings together. You can have aces to the ultimate Kik friends database when it comes to high quality messaging so don’t hesitate to give it a shot and tell us what you think.