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5 Reasons Why You Simply Must Download Kik

For those of you who are looking to join a chat community that helps you connect with friends and meet new people who share the same interests as you, Kik is your perfect choice. Kik has some of the best features that any chat community has to offer (okay, we admit we might be a little biased). But truth be told, the fact that it currently has over 300 million users says it all. Still not sure whether you want to download the app? Here’s why you need to get the app ASAP:

1. Get your sticker and smiley game on point!

It’s no new thing for chat communities to have its own stickers and smileys. You ask why Kik stickers are different? - because they are free to download and easy to use. Getting your sticker game on point is no child’s play. We all know what a killjoy it is to have to compromise with a lame sticker because you don’t have a better choice. With Kik, you will be spoilt for choice from bacon to pugs to Unicorns. Yup… you heard me right - unicorns! You can practically get one for every conversation. Get your download from the smiley shop and sticker shop and start a conversation with your Kik friends.

2. Get chatting with them bots!

If you want to connect with brands, meet new people on Kik and play games, bots are the way to go. You can even chat them up if you are feeling bored (just text!). You can even personally chat with top brands like aerie, H&M, Victoria’s Secret Pink or Sephora if you need a little assistance in getting yourself a new look. Struggling with your 2018 fitness goal or just want some zen? No problem – let Breathe & Think, Stop or PlateMath handle things for you. Want to make some new friends? Go to Chat post. You can even liven up a boring group chat with bots – just mention @groupgame, @whoslurking or @roll. Visit the Bot Shop for over 200 bot options.

3. Take video chatting to a whole new level

Video chatting is the quickest way to get up close and personal with your Kik friends. Kik’s video chat is an easier way to hang out after school, connect with new people, catch up with friends who live far from you or even get the squad’s assistance to assemble an outfit for a date.

4. Customize your chats with personalized sketches, memes, GIFs and more

In this era of social media, pictures are everything. Get cheeky with your friend’s picture by turning it into a meme or use GIFs to get on-point with your message. Want to show off your artsy side? Draw your masterpieces at the Sketch and share it with your friends. Kik has everything you need to get in touch with your creative side.

5. Keep your friends close and make new ones!

With over 300 million users, most of your friends already have their own Kik usernames. Don’t be left out. Join the latest trend and make new friends who share similar interests with you. Get some details on how to find new friends by simply using the contacts on your phone. Find some Kik usernames that interest you? Connect with them instantly by scanning their Kik Code.